Friday, January 30, 2009

mmm gimme.


my life hurts, once again. too many cherry bombs. i don't recall being completely trashed last night but, somehow i imagined to get sick around five times this morning. maybe that's too much information. i felt like a frail deathly ill waste of life this morning. i'm probably overdue for my month off.

aside from the completely wretched morning i had, karaoke lived up to its normal expectations. i was much too sober during the first song (i will survive - gloria gainer), and closed the night out with american hi-fi -- flavor of the week. two classics yaknow. karaoke is so liberating. it's not a competition, sometimes it is, but even when it is -- it's just about having a fucking fantastic time. i could karaoke all day everyday, although smoking a cig and drinking a beer during is real rough.

mmm i'm so lazy. i want to go to the movies tonight i think. i wish i lived somewhere that the ratio of beautiful weather isn't out numbered by the days of awful shitty cold weather.

some beautiful things i found on we<3it:

Thursday, January 29, 2009

things i found. -- i love love.

heart shaped island in croatia. gimme.

all from:

ladies night beat the hell out of me lastnight.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"i'm going to pour you a bowl of Count Chocula, and i'm gonna pull some of the oat pieces out; so it tastes like there's just more marshmallow. cause that's how much i care about you. i would change up the marshmallow to oat ratio for you."
- john mayer

i want to change the world. instead, i sleep.

this weekend was spent enjoying friends, and great music.
i went and saw the killers with stine on thursday. aaron always comes through on the sickest shows. honestly, i could have been sitting in my room listening to the killers music coming through on the best speakers money can buy, and it wouldn't have compared to seeing it live. they sold out the emu convocation center. what a great feeling that must be, to have such a large number people singing along and dancing to songs that you wrote.

just surrender was in town on friday. it's always such a great time to see them, much too few and far between though. that's the trouble with far away friends. i (of course) drank too much, passed out in jay's bunk, only to be awoken by stacy, ryan, jesse, jay, steve, and a couple of guitars to nurse me back to health. we all know i love a good sing along.

saturday i got out of work at exactly nine and rushed over to westland so that i could make it in time to see some of joe wilson's (feeling left out) two hour set at the token lounge. i'm going to say that it's been possibly about four years since i've seen him perform. if you ever get the chance, go. he writes the most beautiful songs. i went by myself but, it was comforting almost to stand in the small room watching him play and singing along.

frightened rabbit (GO LISTEN) played at the blind pig on sunday. i almost find myself at a loss for words to describe how perfect it was. they're from either scotland or ireland (i forget) and when i first started listening to them i made peace with the fact that there was a good chance i'd never see them play. low and behold they came to ann arbor! they played almost every song off of their cd and it was better than i imagined it would be. i swayed my hips, sang every word, stomped my feet, and truly felt it. i often find myself at a wide variety of shows but, while watching frightened rabbit i really experienced it and fully enjoyed myself. i consider myself lucky that i was able to see them live.

goodnight world.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

i've been searching around, which is pretty much ebay for handmade goods, i suggest checking it out sometime. i've fallen in love with the following:

baby plush maple trees, i have a weird obbsession with plush.

mmmmm homemade marshmellows.

your very own cloud machine :)


parallel! parallel! is that parallel?!

sitting in drafting on a fifteen minute break. feel as if i'm on the brink of death. why i decided that it was a great idea to get wasted in grand rapids lastnight (and get home around 5:00 a.m.) when i have class from 9 to 6 the following day is beyond me. bad rachel, bad.

one of my best friends said some of the sweetest things to me last night, he was so nervous and flustered that it just showed how much he meant everything he was saying. i'm just not ready for it, because aside from making my heart grin from artery to artery -- i didn't have much of a response. but, i didn't want to respond just to respond, he deserves more from me than me saying what ever it is that he may want to hear.

i've also decided that i think i want to stop smoking/drinking for atleast a month. i will be the first to say that i don't believe it's possible. i need to do it though, i constantly feel like i'm getting fucked up one way or another. which, isn't necessarily a bad thing, but i feel that it is if i can't even break for a month. i want to start being more productive with my free time. figure myself out, see what i'm good at, read some books.

this year i want to focus 100% on myself. i need to figure my life out, and decide which direction i want to take it in. i absolutely have to stop stressing myself out over the opposite sex / absolutely everything else. let it come to me, if love wants me -- it can have me, i'm here. hii.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

here we go america. woke up this morning, enjoyed a cup of coffee with kay, and watched a revolution begin. obama's inauguration speech gave me chills.

here we go america, taking a leap into the right direction.