Friday, January 30, 2009


my life hurts, once again. too many cherry bombs. i don't recall being completely trashed last night but, somehow i imagined to get sick around five times this morning. maybe that's too much information. i felt like a frail deathly ill waste of life this morning. i'm probably overdue for my month off.

aside from the completely wretched morning i had, karaoke lived up to its normal expectations. i was much too sober during the first song (i will survive - gloria gainer), and closed the night out with american hi-fi -- flavor of the week. two classics yaknow. karaoke is so liberating. it's not a competition, sometimes it is, but even when it is -- it's just about having a fucking fantastic time. i could karaoke all day everyday, although smoking a cig and drinking a beer during is real rough.

mmm i'm so lazy. i want to go to the movies tonight i think. i wish i lived somewhere that the ratio of beautiful weather isn't out numbered by the days of awful shitty cold weather.

some beautiful things i found on we<3it:

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