Monday, May 18, 2009

the things i'll never know.

is your life glamourous? does it fulfill you? how long until you hit rock bottom? where do you go? who do you see? are you happy? what made you act that way? can you sleep at night? does your mother know? does anyone confront you? do you lie to yourself? do you ever have deep belly laughs? do you cry? do you feel? do you have it in you to love? have you ever been okay? do you like the attention? do you crave a hug? do you need anyone, or anything? do you smile every day? do you look into the mirror and hate what you see? do you have compassion? how old are your favourite pair of jeans? do you like brocolli? why do you only eat your meat well done? where do you work? do you long for a companion? do you like the way you style your hair? have you had a mustache since you could grow one? do you enjoy confrontation? have you met someone stronger than you? do you resent me? do you know that you’re ill? when will you die? do you remember when i used to do your hair? do you still lie on the couch and play Doom or Duke Nukem? do you bruise easily? how many more emotional scars do you have than physical? why don’t you like Indian food? do you remember the songs you used to sing to me? do you remember eating all of my halloween candy? do you still leave your socks lying around the family room? do you have a family room? do you actually love animals? do you believe your lies? why didn’t you come to my play? when you were a child, did you think you were invincible? why has Boston always been your favourite team in anything? why did you give up on your dream of playing in the NHL? why do you say what you do? did you like spending time away from your home? do you remember the things that you have done? do you remember last week? what is the current street price of oxy? why do we both like music to be really loud? did you ever like me? did you ever love me?

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