Thursday, May 21, 2009

they're gunna eat me alive.

Currently, I am working two jobs and taking a spring studio class that goes four days a week for 3 hours at a time. Goddamn. This is so unlike myself. I haven't been to The Elbow Room in far too long (I'm gunna say it's been like a week and half haha). And, well, that's probably a good thing.

I feel really good lately. Michigan is so completely bipolar but, it's quite enjoyable in the summer. I mean, it's no beach town next to an ocean -- we've got great lakes though? I desperately want to go camping and canoing this summer. I've given up on Bonaroo (again) and it breaks my heart kind of. In all honesty though -- no way can I afford to go. But! I'd like to plan a road trip down to Florida to visit Sayble. The type of road trip where the destination isn't the goal, the trip down there is (although Sayble is a pretty fantastic goal to have). I want to be driving down south and come across a sign that reads "AMERICA's LARGEST (insert something random)" and stop to check it out. I'd also like to visit random friends along the way too, see what their local bar is all about.

Kaylyn and I are going to go backpacking across Europe next summer. We're planning on buying our tickets this July just to secure our spot. We want to fly into Amsterdam (get high as hell when we get there) then hit up Germany, France, Ireland, Spain, Italy, and then fly out of Amsterdam. There needs to be an insane amount of planning but, I know we will do it -- and it will be life changing. Makes me excited/nervous just writing about it.

The more interior design classes I take, the more excited for my future I become. Yes, it is a shit ton of work but, it's going to be worth it. It still weirds me out (almost) to be doing something I can be passionate about. I also think I'm going to start taking 15 credit hours each semester so I can graduate sooner than later, and, with a marketing minor. I really really don't want to buckle down. As much as I absolutely LOVE to lay around, not work, not have any homework, not do too much of anything -- I have to start doing more. I got to eventually get the fuck out of this state.

My love life is on a constant roller coaster. Maybe not a roller coaster, maybe like a fishing boat on a stormy day. Perhaps fly fishing? Maybe just an experience. Whatever it is, it's not so bad. I hold out the hope that I'm going to find something really fucking great, extraordinarily-wonderful, better than anything that's ever happened in my life, all encompassing, tremendous love. I really think deep down everyone wants that sort of love (I mean, how could you honestly not?). And, because I believe that everyone wants that for themselves, it'll happen. I've got enough battle wounds for two, I deserve a real love. :) I love love -- it makes my heart smile.

That's it I guess. I never write too much about myself or what's happening within my little world. There it is.


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