Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lisa Hannigan.

I don't know what you smoke or what countries you've been to. If you speak any other languages other than your own but, I'd like to meet you. I don't know if you drive, if you love the ground beneath you. I don't know if you write letters or panic on the phone. Still, I'd like to call you all the same. If you want to, I am game.

I don't know if you can swim or if the sea has any draw for you. If you're better in the morning or when the sun goes down. I'd like to talk to you. I don't know if you can dance, if the thought ever occurred to you. If you eat what you've been given or push it round your plate. Still, I'd like to cook for you all the same. I would want to, I am game.

If you walk my way and I could keep my head we could creep away in the dark or maybe not, we could shoot it down anyway.

I don't know if you read novels or the magazines. If you love the hand that feeds you. I assume that your heart's been bruised. I know I'd like to know you.

You don't know if I can draw at all or what records I am into. If I sleep like a spoon, or rarely at all, or maybe you would do? Maybe you would do.

If I walk your way I will keep my head we will feel our way through the dark. Though I don't know you, I think that I would do. I don't fall easy at all.

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