Wednesday, May 20, 2009

i wrote this once.

"it gets better. it still hurts sometimes, but not as much as it ever did before. each time it hurts a little less. but i feel like the pain is good, its good to see them happier without you, because it hurts you enough to keep you going. it hurts less and less each time. slowly you forget how it felt to be happy with them, you create new memories that no longer involve them. the hole you feel slowly heals itself, not as it once was -- but better, stronger even. no matter how horribly bad anything hurts, you will not hurt forever. life finds a way to make you happy again.

so this is the new year, and i welcome it with open arms.

i write this while snuggled in maxes bed in arizona with beautiful weather and great company.

i am now 21, a legal adult and i start the interior design program this semester.

it gets better."

It makes me happy.

Also makes me long for Arizona.

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