Monday, April 27, 2009


i feel completely wonderful. there has been a change in the weather and i couldn't be happier. i've been canoeing, bbq'd, played basketball, sat on a roof, and went on a bike ride all this weekend. michigan is so bipolar. i always hate living here until the weather breaks and i'm reminded that i don't have it so bad. but, i want warmth always -- i need to finish school and head on out of the fishbowl.

but, for now, i feel completely wonderful. i finished school until the summer semester, i didn't pretty well in my classes and i leave for new jersey friday morning. so insane that i used to spend so much of my time in new jersey and now it's been exactly a year since i've been on the east coast. i'm excited to see so many people. :)

i desperately want to see:


they make my heart smile. :)


  1. yay for spring and summer and the east coast :)

  2. I reposted this!!! I looovvve Michael Cera and Zoey Deschanel!!!