Thursday, April 16, 2009

i'm such a cheese ball.

i should be doing some of the massive pile of homework i have. but, i'm not. i start soon. after this maybe.

anyway, i found this blog ( 1,001 things i want in a lover. thought i'd post a few because, why not. :)

#444. someone who will wrestle with me.
#443. someone to kiss me while we're waiting for the light to turn green.
#430. someone who stays the night, even if they have to work early.
#427. someone who will make me the exception to all their rules.
#425. someone who teaches me something new everyday.
#408. someone with a refreshing and brilliant philosophy to life.
#401. someone who would ride their bike with me everywhere, even if we have cars.
#397. someone who already knows my order for takeout.
#388. someone who will kill the spiders for me.
#378. someone who trusts me beyond reason.
#369. someone with great wit.
#346. someone who will wake up ten minutes earlier just to make breakfast.
#336. someone who will call exactly when they say they're going to.
#320. someone who will write me a love letter and send it through the mail.
#286. someone who will find me under the bed sheets.
#267. someone understands the urgency of late night snack cravings and will drive me to the convenience store when they strike.
#262. someone who will run their fingers down my spine when i am laying on my stomach.
#253. someone who won't look at me like i'm stupid when i'm just being drunk and silly.
#241. someone who will show up at my doorstep with a bundle of balloons.
#214. someone who can stimulate me mentally.
#188. someone who likes to take long drives with me.

mm gimme :) okay, i suppose i'll go embark on some homework.



  2. Ill teach you something new every day.