Monday, April 13, 2009

i want the ocean right now.


so, lets see. before next wednesday (4/22) i need to complete the following:
- 3d model of a sustainable 'green' trailor.
- packet including the following: floor plan/elevations/finishes/specs/furniture plan/lighting schedule/ceiling plan for the 3d model.
- read three chapters for a material/design final.
- study the two previous tests for my sustainable design class for the final exam.
- finish/render a one point perspective of a hotel lobby.
- render a previous one point perspective.
- finish the sketchbook requirements.
- finish final CAD project.
- do four PDA's for IDE120 (four 250 word paragraphs on crate&barrell, pier1, DIA, ikea).

kill me now okay? sanks. just stressed myself out even more just typing it all out there. i also work and have a training meeting for another job i'm getting. and i have to take summer class.

wah wah wah.

breattheeee. breatttheeeee. i'm done complaining.

i desperately want the overwhelmingly at peace feeling these images give when you see them for yourself (in person) -- the instant thankfulness for your life, solely because you're there, seeing that.

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