Monday, April 6, 2009

fucked up world.

- A woman was raped at gunpoint, called the cops, and had her report dismissed and she was arrested for filing a "false report." She also served jail time. The man raped another woman a few weeks later... only to be caught, and then admitted to raping the previous woman. Yeah, they released her. But hey, if they would have believed her in the first place, he would have been caught.


- A man posts a video on Youtube of his taunting a cat and then having his dog attack the cat and kill it. The entire time, he's laughing and encouraging the dog. All of this man's info is now on the internet, and he will most likely be caught. Sadly, the dog will probably be put down as well, even though it's not really the one at fault.
(careful, it's on autoplay on the youtube page)

- A man follows a student home, attacks, her, rapes her, tortures her for 19 hours, and then sets her on fire. In the duration of the torture, he poured scalding water on her, sodomized and sexually assaulted her numerous times, and told her to cut her eyes out so that she couldn't turn him in if she lived. She attacked him with the knife and missed, so he cut her eyelids, tied her to a futon, and set her on fire. He ran off. She used to fire to burn through her ropes and escaped.

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