Wednesday, February 25, 2009

deeeeep breaths. better place now, better place now, better place now. happier. not being cheated on anymore. happpppier place now. stronger than ever, no weak people holding me down. happier place now.

matching tattoos? idiots. fucking idiots. you always wanted a matching tattoo with someone right? idiot. regret what you did everyday right? right.

why do i even care? fuck.

orlando is amazing. i don't want to leave. i love the weather, the bars, the people, the WEATHER. i've had such a great time. i needed a vacation. there is so much free beer at bars here i don't even get how they make money. i've found an orlando version of the elbow room and i'm pretty stoked on it. i hit up disney for the sake of the little girl inside of me who never got to go. universal tomorrow, and boating friday before i depart for my cold fucking state.

i went to a palm reader today. she let me know i'm going to find my soul mate (if i haven't already) within the next two years. get married around 26. i don't know about being married at 26 but, i suppose if i found my soul mate? haha. she also said i've got a long life ahead of me, i'm moving next year, and i'll only be married once.

it get's better. hold out for it.

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